No Year’s Resolution

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. And with good reason, seeing as most of them are broken or made up year after year.

So I adopt a No Year’s Resolution, in which at the end of the year I look back on the previous 364 days and think about what I missed out on doing most. Then I look at the next 365 days and consider those facts as necessary. By combining the two, it points me in a direction, or directions. Then I follow. Tis that simple.

One of my directions is to work out more. Important upcoming events includes my university graduation, as well as a company hiring. So I’d like to look nice for these events. Further, Thanksgiving/Christmas have left their imprint on me, which needs to go!

This blog will follow my progress, thoughts, frustrations, and anything else I encounter during the next four months, then the years after that. Mostly for my own purpose, but hey if you find it valuable, the better it is.


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